a pairing made in Heaven!

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“ZAZA is definitely going to be my go-to nail spa from now on!”

I love that this salon allows you to stay seated in comfort for both mani and pedi. I had two women working on me at the same time. My polish on my nails lasted me without chipping for 9 days…my polish usually chips within 5-6 days.

-Nic S.

Treat yourself to a glass with a treatment

Visit us for happy hour with your BFF or host your next birthday party!

This pairing of Wine and Beauty is perfect.

In partnership with Bottlecoat we offer a sommelier-selected list of eco-friendly, no-headache old world wines for you to enjoy.

And while you’re getting your mani/pedi in San Francisco, be sure to treat yourself to a glass of sommelier-selected wine. ZAZA is the only place in San Francisco you can get the best of both worlds, wine meets spa!

Meet Allegra of Bottlecoat

Our wine partner is Oaklandite, Allegra Angelo – sommelier extraordinaire with a degree in biological anthropology and culinary arts, environmentally conscious and obsessed with manicures, pedicures, and no-headache wine.

In January of 2016, Rachel met multi-talented sommelier, Allegra Angelo, and they collaborated on a wine and nail pop-up, called “Bottlecoat.” After a year of successful and “too much fun” pop-ups, Allegra grounded her wine roots at ZAZA. Her curated list promotes no-headache and full-proof delicious wines from Europe and California. Together, Rachel and Allegra have connected the elements of wine and hospitality with beauty and wellness, one of its kind in California (and do we dare say, the country?) Where else can you get an eye-lash extension or a coconut pedicure alongside a glass of Grower Champagne followed by an organically certified Rosé from Provence? Oh, and did we mention, there is a wine lounge to chill? Get Polished, Drink Wine.

Wine List

San Francisco

Bubbles All Day

Champagne from Tassin
– real deal farm-to-table!

75 | 19

from Freixenet

45 | 14

Rosé Sparkling
from Domaine de Nerleux

50 | 14

Veuve Clicquot “Yellow Label” Champagne

96 | 26

from Mionetto in Italy


from Mionetto in Italy


Bubbles All Day

from Moët


Rosé Champagne
from Moët


Veuve Clicquot “Demi-Sec”


Moët & Chandon
Imperial Brut Champagne

85 | 23

Dry Sparkling Rosé
Gratien & Meyert

60 | 17

Eco-Friendly, Low-Sugar Whites

Sauvignon Blanc
by Jolie Folle (1 liter)

40 | 11

Sustainable Crisp Sauvignon Blanc
by Desperada

65 | 17

Pinot Blanc
from Domaine de Deffends

48 | 13

by Camille Paquet in Burgundy

49 | 14

Ultra-Fresh, Dry Muscadet
by Pierre-Henri Gadais

38 | 10

No-Headache Red + Rosé

Lorenza Rosé
from mother & daughter duo in California

38 | 10

Rosé by Domaine du Deffends in Provence
*certified organic vineyards

48 | 14

Vanderpump Rosé
from Côtes de Provence, France

42 | 12

Merlot/Rosé, Biodynamic Blend
by Korbin Kameron

45 | 13

Less Junk Reds

Pinot Noir
from Deltetto in Italy – dry and savory

50 | 16

from Chateau du Seuil in Bordeaux

45 | 12

from Argentina by Loca Linda (1 liter)
43 | 12
Fresh & Tangy Chiroubles
by Frédéric Berne
48 | 14

More Fizzies

Fizzy and Refreshing White Wine
with Grapefruit by Ramona


Estrella from Barcelona


Dry Pear Cider
Organic & Gluten Free!


$30 corkage fee
All vintages are current, unless otherwise stated

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