AZA Polishes

Own It

“Control your own destiny”
Neutral shimmery champagne with silvery, purple undertones.
Finish: Shimmer

Shatter the Glass Ceiling

“The possibilities are endless”
Royal blue pop. You need to believe to achieve.
Finish: Opaque

Wheres my Cowboy?

“Giddy up”
Deep blue-green teal, dark cyan
Finish: Opaque

No Love for Scrubs

“Don’t waste your time, honey”
Deep magenta. This bold and vibrant pink color is perfect for the independent person.
Finish: Opaque

Man Eater

“I’m Hungry”
Fire red with deep orange
Finish: Opaque

Power Bitch

“You heard me”
Powerful deep blue red. This color exudes confidence.
Finish: Opaque


“On the prowl”
Lollipop red color. This bright color is sure to attract attention.
Finish: Opaque

On Fire

“Too hot to handle”
Deep festive sparkly red. This color is for the ultimate romantic. Perfect for a night out on the town.
Finish: Glitter

Boss Lady

“I wear the pants”
Vampy dark red. Unleash your inner vixen with this sexy color.
Finish: Opaque


“Drama mama”
Dark taupe with grayish, brown undertones to make a darker neutral. This is a shade for all seasons.
Finish: Opaque

Don't Take it Personal

“It’s just business”
Taupe gray with a hint of purple. A sophisticated neutral shade that goes amazing with any outfit.
Finish: Opaque

Mile-High Club

“Membership has its benefits”
Bright purple with mauve undertones. Exclusive for the VIPs.
Finish: Opaque

Dream Catcher

“Good Karma”
Lilac lavender with white undertones
Finish: Creamy

Material Girl

“Bling Bling”
Pink Pop with milky white undertones
Finish: Creamy


“Just Mauvelous Dahling”
Sophisticated sparkly pink, neutral mauve
Finish: Shimmery


“Channel your inner goddess”
Off white cream.​ ​This neutral color has white undertones making it a favorite wedding shade.
Finish: Sheer.

Lean In Together

“Empower yourself”
Sheer pinkish beige. This neutral color is a clean and fresh way to polish up your look.
Finish: Sheer

Too Many Tabs

“Multitasking is my middle name”
Creamy light nude with beige undertones. This neutral shade offers full nail coverage for any occasion.
Finish: Creamy

Put a Ring on It

“Seal the Deal”
Perfectly White
Finish: Opaque

Top Coat - On Top

“The way I like it”
Gel-like top coat formulated to work with our nail polishes to provide longer sustained wear and durability.
Finish: High gloss

Base Coat - Under the covers

“Where the magic happens“
Creamy vegan protein base coat designed to create a smooth surface to bond to the polish. A ridge filler that contains Vitamin E and Tea Tree oil to nourish the nail.
Finish: Dries clear

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